METHONOVA™ methylcellulose

METHONOVA™ methylcellulose

NovaMatrix® is the trusted portfolio of biopolymers for biotech industries.
With METHONOVA™, we are building on decades of polymer science expertise, while meeting the exacting standards of NovaMatrix®.
With narrow specifications, METHONOVA™ methylcellulose is a cell compatible and filterable biopolymer, making it suitable for applications in biotechnology or bioprocessing, such as cell culture media.


METHONOVA™ is a plant-based, water-soluble biopolymer derived from cellulose, the most abundant polymer in nature. METHONOVA™ methylcellulose is a natural carbohydrate composed of repeating anhydroglucose units. During manufacture, cellulose fibers are treated with a caustic solution, followed by methyl chloride treatment, yielding the methyl ether of cellulose. The fibrous reaction product is purified and ground to a fine powder.
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  • METHONOVA™ has a low fiber content, easing sterile filtration
  • METHONOVA™ is cell-compatible, verified via cytotoxicity test with mammalian cells
  • Methylcellulose ethers dissolve in water
  • Methylcellulose ethers are resistant to most enzymes, providing excellent viscosity stability during long-term storage
  • Methylcellulose ethers allow for thermal gelation in aqueous solution

Specifications & Quality

* Examples only and not representative of a complete list of all quality tests
Product Apparent Viscosity (2%, 20C) Quality testing*
METHONOVA™ methylcellulose
13-17 mPa*s
✓ Cell compatibility (cytotoxicity to mammalian cells)
✓ Elemental impurities
✓ Bioburden
✓ Fiber content


METHONOVA™ methylcellulose is manufactured under excipient cGMP requirements. It is certified to meet the respective monographs: USP (United States Pharmacopeia), EP/PhEur (European Pharmacopeia) and JP (Japanese Pharmacopeia).


METHONOVA™ methylcellulose is suitable for use in biotech applications and bioprocessing. Cell-compatible methylcellulose has been applied and is increasingly being used in:
  • Cell culture assays
  • Stem cell protection
  • Cryopreservation & cell media
  • 3D bioprinting
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