PROTASEA® Fucoidans

PROTASEA® Fucoidans (laminaria hyperborea)



Fucoidans are long-chain, highly branched, highly sulfonated polysaccharides extracted from brown seaweeds. Harvested from the pristine waters of Norwegian fjords, Laminaria Hyperborea yields a unique fucoidan: PROTASEA®.


  • Made from fresh Norwegian Laminaria Hyperborea
  • Natural processing techniques – Sustainable harvesting
  • High content of fucose and sulphate
  • Viscosifyer
  • Ability to form gels
  • Binder
  • Anti-adhesion properties

NovaMatrix® PROTASEA® fucoidan is ≥ 80% fucose and meets food grade purity requirements.

Please note our fucoidan is not cGMP medical grade. It can solely be used for research purposes. Would you be interested or require ultrapure, medical-grade fucoidan, please reach out to us using our Contact page.

PROTASEA® packaging options

Product name Packaging options

5g PEH container

10g PEH container

100g pouch

For more information on PROTASEA® fucoidans, please contact us.

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For pre-clinical and lab research (not for use in humans): Iff and Sigma-Aldrich have signed a global distribution agreement covering PRONOVA®, NOVATACH™ and PROTASEA® product lines. Those products are available on the Sigma-Aldrich® website.

For clinical supplies, clinical trials and commercial applications in humans, for other product lines or customized solutions, please connect with us.